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Yes, we are committed to enhancing the safety and accessibility of the campus for cyclists, improving connectivity into the City Centre and cycle travel across campus.

We propose to provide cycle lanes along the key road links and create cycle paths on new landscaped features to enhance accessibility between the City and campus.

There is currently little formal provision for cycling in streets across the campus area which is reflected in a relatively low level of cycle use and so we are hoping these changes will be beneficial for all cyclists.

There will be numerous changes to car parking across campus throughout the course of the Masterplan. Some car parks will be temporarily closed for site compounds, Foster car park will be closed permanently from May 2017. You can find the current version of the Campus map here.

The UCLan Pre-School drop off bays will be relocated to Leighton 2 Car Park.

No, we are not proposing to close any roads. Our aim is to create a healthy and sustainable campus which is safe for pedestrians and cyclists, whilst ensuring key transport routes and connections are maintained and essential service routes are accommodated. In keeping with developments elsewhere in the City, the incorporation of ‘shared space’, where pedestrians and vehicles have equal priority will be a feature of the plan.

We are looking at providing Adelphi Street with pedestrian priority, incorporating shared space and bus only access from Victoria Street to Harrington Street, which we believe would help to reduce traffic across campus.

To achieve this vision, the University is working very closely alongside our key partners at the City and County Council on the detailed planning and execution of the proposals and associated road network changes.

We are proposing to relocate the majority of car parking from the centre of the campus to the perimeter in safe, well illuminated areas, with provision for priority users and some visitor parking remaining central. We believe that this will help to promote a healthier more pedestrian friendly campus and create opportunities to develop greener sites.

The Masterplan proposals set out to create a striking new environment for students, staff and the wider community over a period of 5 years, reinforcing key routes and spaces and adding dramatic new developments in the form of buildings, Squares and landscaped areas.

The University will be making a multi-million pound investment over the next five years to create a truly inspiring educational environment which blends world class teaching and learning facilities with green and accessible spaces for the benefit of everyone. The total cost of the transformation is estimated to be £200 million.

As a pedestrian, the Adelphi roundabout can be congested and difficult to cross. Working with our partners at the City and County Council, the plans to reconfigure the road layout delivers the opportunity to create a new public space and provides a new heart and gateway to the campus. We would like to develop a new square to become a ‘go to’ area for students, staff and the wider Preston community to use and enjoy. We also believe this new public area will play a crucial role in bringing together the University and City communities like never before.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), first published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990, is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings.

The University is looking to apply these standards to the substructure of the EIC Building and the surrounding plaza area. The University is choosing to adopt ‘Breeam Excellent’ status for a number of reasons: We have funding criteria that requires it; our planning application incorporates it; AND it links well from the perspective of ISO 14001 accreditation (which the University is proud to hold).

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