A perfect place to test ideas

A new temporary space has been created adjacent to the Engineering Innovation Centre (EIC) called Testbed, which will be used as place where people can share and research ideas.


Charles Quick, Professor of Public Art Practice at UCLan, said: “The Testbed will be used for a number of activities, but it will principally be used for research and engagement sessions with local schools, community groups, staff and students to see what community and cultural events can take place in our new Student Centre and Civic Square.


“The space will also be used to test materials and building processes, so we can see how the building and the square will look during different times of the day and seasons too.”


In addition, artist David Boultbee has been appointed as the artist in residence at Testbed. The leader of BREAD art, a group which looks at how public space and realm can be used,  will be leading workshops with local community groups to see what creative projects can also be hosted on the new Square.


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