Creative Learning Spaces

Creative Learning Spaces

The University is investing £5 million on upgrading learning spaces across campus. The aim is to modernise and digitalise the current teaching environments, whilst equipping academic staff with the best digital tools to assist them in developing and integrating modern teaching methods across campus.

These spaces will allow for diverse and innovative teaching, moving away from traditional lecturing, towards involving students in their learning and giving them the opportunity to be an active participant in learning activities.

The project, co-ordinated by Corporate Operations, and supported by Lynne Livesey, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (academic) and Michael Ahern, Chief Operating Officer, will see the majority of general teaching spaces across campus transformed into creative learning spaces. The project follows on from the Classrooms of the Future project, which was delivered in Summer 2016.


Teaching and Learning Environments

The upgrades will begin at the beginning of June, when most teaching modules are finished, in order to minimise disruption. The majority of rooms will see aesthetic changes as well as technology and equipment upgrades, alongside new furniture suitable for group work.

Rooms will be changed on a case by case basis, they will be redecorated to incorporate one feature wall and re-carpeted. They will be fitted with additional power trunking around the perimeter including double power sockets and USB sockets. Additional whiteboards will be installed to support group work and ceilings will be enhanced where necessary.

Semi-circular tables will be provided in around 100 rooms to support group work and new chairs will be provided to tie-in with overall colour schemes.


IT Provision

The aim is to modernise and digitalise the current learning environments,

To support the delivery of Digital UCLan and the adoption of appropriate digital technologies in teaching, a further investment will be made in the form of Surface Pros for full-time academic staff, together with associated training. The Surface Pros are intended to be used in the classroom environment, but docking stations will also be provided to enable staff to use the Surface Pro in their offices.

New IT/AV housing units with Surface Pro docking points will replace Moby-go’s and event capture technology will be installed in a further 61 classrooms, bringing the total number of teaching spaces with this capability to 185.


Social Spaces and Lecture Theatres

The team will also be creating small social spaces across campus with new furniture, charging points and water fountains. Examples of these spaces can already be seen across campus including those in Greenbank, C&T and Harrington buildings.

A pilot scheme is also being developed for Greenbank Lecture Theatre, which will test how creative learning practices translate into a larger environment and will help to inform future changes to other lecture theatres.


Creative Learning Spaces in Numbers

  • £5million investment
  • 600 Surface Pro’s and monitors
  • 163 rooms with new IT/AV units
  • 61 additional rooms with event capture technology
  • 81 rooms with additional power trunking
  • 104 rooms re-carpeted
  • 108 rooms repainted
  • 98 rooms with additional whiteboards
  • 100 rooms with new tables
  • 95 rooms with new chairs
  • 5 rooms with new ceilings


Rooms that have been refurbished are:

Allen Building
AL004, AL010, AL012, AL013

Brook Building
BB009, BB014, BB015, BB016, BB018, BB105, BB111, BB115, BB137, BB138, BB139, BB140, BB142, BB142a, BB143, BB240, BB245a, BB312, BB353, BB355, BB355a, BB412, BB447, BB449

Darwen Building

Greenbank Building
GR273, GR348, GR348a, GR350, GR355, GR356, GR357, GR202, GR204

Harrington Building
HA108, HA129, HA142, HA142a, HA250, HA254, HA313, HA214, HA301, HA308, HA338, HA338a, HA345, HA339

Harris Building
HB001, HB014, HB015b, HB158, HB159, HB219, HB234, HB235, HB239, HB303, HB304, HB305, HB307, HB310, HB311, HB314, HB315

Kirkham Building
KM006, KM112

Maudland Building
MB041, MB053,

Media Factory
ME109, ME110, ME113, ME113a, ME220, ME312, ME313, ME314, ME315, ME317, ME320, ME323, ME325,

Vernon Building
VE011, VE014, VE015, VE016, VE017, VE024, VE026, VE074, VE077, VE080




  • We use a couple of the ‘Creative Learning Space’ rooms for lectures and the layouts, I’m sorry, are awful! Having circular tables means either having your back to the lecturer or turning around and not being able to lean on anything to take notes.

    Great idea for group work, just not good for lectures. Maybe something timetabling should take into consideration?

  • A very welcome initiative. I can’t see HB219 on the list. It is in dire need of some TLC and is an important teaching room in HB (as well as room which many Exam Boards are held in with external visitors). Has it been consciously missed off?

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your comment. HB219 is on the list of rooms to be refurbished. We will be looking to start work on the room during w/c 31 July.

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